Short Sleeve Onesies

Pick a color and size then use the T-Shirt Wizard to make it how you want it, hit save and close and then add to cart.  Just $2 extra to have sayings on both sides.  Please allow up to 10 workng days for shipping (may ship out sooner)!  See all sayings listed below as well. 

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These are just a SAMPLE of our sayings!  Many more listed when you use the T-Shirt Wizard!!!

  • I'm older than I look
  • I earned these rolls
  • No really...I'm one!
  • Seriously...I'm two!
  •'s not just for old people
  • I'm only fed on Tuesdays
  • Got Sanitizer?
  • Fun-Sized
  • Don't let my size fool you
  • Do I look fat in this yet?
  • Baby A, B, C, D
  • I'm a Fighter & a lover!
  • I know I'm cute, you can stop staring
  • Why walk when mom can carry me?
  • Stunt double in training (great for munchkins with helmets...or twins!)
  • I was a Preemie!
  • It's a Preemie Thing
  • Million Dollar Baby
  • Mulit-Million Dollar Baby
  • Million Dollar Miracle
  • Multi-Million Dollar Miracle
  • My brother is fun-sized
  • My sister is fun-sized
  • Walkers...they aren't just for old people
  • 1 pound Miracle (2, 3, 4 pound)
  • One pound Miracle (Two, Three, Four)
  • God's 1 pound Miracle (2, 3, 4)
  • I Rock the Camera!
  • A picture speaks a thousand words, my screams ADORABLE!
  • Proud Preemie Brother - or - Sister
  • Isaac Newton was a Preemie
  • Preemie Princess or Prince (written inside a crown)
  • Happy due date to me! I should be one! (please type in requested age)
  • NICU GRAD Class of 2010 (please specify year!!)
  • 29 JAN 2010 I became a NICU GRAD! (please specify date)
  • I'm proof miracles do happen!
  • I'm a 29 week miracle! (specify week, no days)
  • Marching for me, I'm a 29 week miracle!
  • Brother/Sister to a preemie! (please specify which one)
  • Brother/Sister to a preemie, 1 on earth & 1 angel (specify numbers)
  • Future Jockey
  • How much do YOU weigh?
  • Footprints with "29 wks" in one foot and "2lbs 5oz" in other foot (please specify gestational age and weight you need)
  • 47.  It's alright to be itty bitty!
  • 48.  Once Tiny... Always Strong! With footprints in the middle of the the two sayings please specify gestational age and weight you need)


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