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Fine Jersey (100% Cotton) construction (Heather Grey contains 10% Polyester).  Durable rib neckband.  Use t-shirt wizard to design your own. Shirts are unisex and 100% cotton so will shrink some, made in the USA by American Apparel.  Size Chart below. 4X & 5X are Gildan brand!

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Just a sample of our sayings, more on t-shirt wizard:

1. Proud Preemie Parent

2. My kid is fun-sized

3. My kids are fun-sized

4. It's a Preemie Thing (with feet)

5. Little things matter in the NICU

6. I work with small miracles daily

7. NICU Nurses hold the future in the palms of their hands

8. Proud Daddy of a Million Dollar Baby

9. Proud Mommy of a Million Dollar Baby

10. Proud Preemie Grandparent

11. Proud Preemie Aunt

12. Proud Preemie Uncle

13. Proud Preemie Nana

14. I was a preemie

15. Proud Mom of a NICU GRAD

16. Proud Dad of a NICU GRAD

17. Boy or Girl...doesn't matter I just want a termie!

18. Boy or Girl...1 preemie is enough I want a termie!

19. Boy or Girl...I just want to make it to 40 weeks!

20. I rock the camera!

21. I deliver Miracles! (with 1-4 set of feet below, please specify how many you need!)

22. Got Sanitizer?

23. I held a miracle in the palms of my hands (if you have multiples, can change to I held miracles in the palms of my hands).

24. Proud Preemie Mommy (or Mom/Mum)

25. Proud Preemie Daddy (or Dad)

26. Ask me about my Preemie

27. November is Prematurity Awareness Month

28.  My son/daughter/children is/are proof miracles do happen (please specify which one you'd like)

29.  Marching for my 29 week miracle (specify week, no days please)

30.  Marching for my preemie angel(s)

31.  Marching for my preemies, 1 on earth & 1 angel (specify #'s if different than 1)

32.  My preemie walks all over me (with foot prints) specify if you want preemies walk for more than 1

33. Marching for my miracle Grandaughter/Grandson (please specify which one)

34.  Marching for my preemie Grandtwins/Grandtriplets/GrandQuads (please specify which one)

35.  Footprints with "29 wks" in one foot and "2lbs 5oz" in other foot (please specify gestational age and weight you need)  ALSO...can do up to 4 set of feet, will be a little smaller the more feet there are. (Specify wings if you want for an Angel baby)

36.  Large heart with footprints inside with info (see listing above).  Can do up to 3 set of feet in heart.  Please specify what color heart (white, royal blue, raspberry sparkle) and what color feet (royal blue, raspberry sparkle, dark chocolate, green, white).

37.  In memory of ______ (type name) with heart, blank footprints and wings.

38.  In memory of _______ (type name) with blank feet and wings.

39.  It's alright to be itty bitty!

40.  Can you say Rhombencephalosynapsis?  Didn't think so!


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